About Us

We formed ExoTerra in 2011 with the vision of making space access affordable to everyone through the use of novel infrastructures that reduce the cost of gravity. Long term, we aim to become the first space “utility” company by providing analogs to terrestrial power, fuel, transportation, housing and waste management services.

Power: We’re working to provide a system to provide 24/7 power to the lunar surface to enable equipment to operate in permanently shadowed craters and for people to stay on the surface longer than the 2 week daylight period.

Fuel: We’re working to develop systems to extract, refine and deliver lunar water to serve as a propellant for the cis-lunar system.

Transportation: We’re developing both Solar Electric Propulsion systems to enable highly efficient transportation systems, and lunar cargo delivery systems using lunar propellants.

Housing: We’re developing a system to host payloads, allowing them to lease, rather than own a satellite home.

Waste Management: Orbital debris is a rising problem in space. We’re working on methods to clean up the junk that’s been left behind to make space safer for astronauts and satellites.

Finally, we're looking to replace large satellites with hundreds of low-cost microsatellites. This establishes a robust, easily upgradable infrastructure that can provide global, near-real time coverage of the planet, and reduces cost through mass production and reduced mass.