SBIR I – Cubesat SEP Power Module

Today’s CubeSats are inherently power limited due to their small size and available surface area. Today’s CubeSats offer <100W of available power. This limits their ability to provide high data rate telecommunications, use high power sensors such as lidars, or to travel to distances beyond 1 AU. ExoTerra's SEP Power Module packages over 200 W of power within 1.6U of volume. This increased performance further expands the capabilities of CubeSats and allows them to venture outside Earth orbit.

The power module uses a Z-folded, boom deployed array to tightly stow the solar panels during launch. After deployment, it incorporates a single axis gimbal that allows the array to track the sun, providing increased orbit average power versus fixed arrays.

Finally, we improve the power efficiency by integrating a 270V direct drive unit. This couples to an Electric Propulsion system to provide a high efficiency propulsion system that’s compatible with rideshare launch restrictions.

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