Deployable Solar Arrays


Exoterra’s Deployable Solar Arrays offers 300W of power (BOL and 150W EOL). For a 6U CubeSat, this is 3X greater than others in this category. This type of power opens several doors for Micro-Satellites. Opportunities like science missions, telecom, imagery, and mapping are all accessible with this power thirsty array.

The size of the array coupled with the power capabilities make this a CubeSat dream. The stowed wing is 16mm thick taking up only .85U per wing along a 6U x 1U side. In it’s stowed configuration it is able to draw power from the exposed cells (18W BOL). The deployed array is 366mm x 1256mm.

The beauty of our design is that it can be scaled up or down for different bus sizes, power needs, or applications. Contact us to see if we can meet your power needs.

Stowed Array:
Solar Array Stowed

Deployed Array:

The Deployable Solar Array is being developed under a NASA Phase II SBIR. We have completed functional deployment testing of the array and will start qualification testing the beginning of 2017.

If you want more information on using the array with our thruster, please see our Integrated Solar Electric Propulsion System: ISEP Page.

Here is a video of the solar array deployment in action.