ExoTerra provides expertise in a number of space related fields.  We have provided engineering services to Lockheed Martin, Sierra Nevada and NASA on contracts for Orion, Dream Chaser, ALASA, HATS, EAGLE, Formosat 7, and the NASA SEP Study among others.  Our team has expertise in the following areas (programs):
  • Spacecraft System Design (Orion, Genesis, XSS-11, ALASA, EAGLE, SolRider, Hotspot, SeeMe)
  • Mechanical Design & Analysis (Orion, Genesis, XSS-11, ALASA, BV+, Shuttle ET, X-33, Atlas)
  • Reentry Thermal Protection Systems (Orion, Dream Chaser, Genesis, Stardust, Mars Exploration Rover)
  • Solar Electric Propulsion (NASA SEP Study, SolRider, JIMO)
  • Power System Design & Analysis (ISS, Geo-Eye2, SolRider)
  • In-Situ Resource Utilization (Internal)
  • Mechanism Design (Orion, ALASA)
  • Thermal Analysis (Genesis, Stardust)
  • Proposal Writing (NASA TDM 1&2, ALASA, EAGLE, Formosat 7, Orion, JIMO, NASA SBIR)
  • Earned Value Management (Orion)
  If you are interested in ExoTerra expertise to support your space project, please contact us at