EPIC 6U/12U Interplanetary SEP Bus


EPIC uses ExoTerra’s Integrated SEP System in complete CubeSat packages compatible with standard 6U or 12U PSC dispensers. Both versions include all elements of a spacecraft apart from the user payload. The 6U standard version carries up to 1/2U and 1kg of payload, while the 12U version carries up to 5U and 10kg of payload and additional propellant.

Up to 5 W of power at 12 or 18 V is available to payloads while the Halo thruster is in operation and up to 135 W of electrical power for high-power instruments and communication while the thruster is off. High-bandwidth laser telecommunications offer superior science data return.

Onboard navigation sensors, reaction wheels and attitude control thrusters hold EPIC’s orientation to within 10 arc seconds to meet laser telecom needs, making EPIC an exceptionally stable platform for small telescopes, Earth observation cameras, or other sensors requiring high pointing accuracy.

EPIC spacecraft are capable of reaching GEO from LEO rideshare delivery, or the Moon, Mars, or asteroids with rideshare delivery to a suitable GTO or interplanetary trajectory.

12U Satellite