Cubesat folded

Integrated Solar Electric Propulsion System

Cubesat folded

ExoTerra’s Integrated Solar Electric Propulsion System is built around the Halo Hall effect thruster, adding an iodine propellant tank and propellant management system, power processing unit, thrust-vector control actuators and electronics, battery, solar arrays, and array deployment and gimbal mechanisms. The standard configuration delivers up to 1 km/s ΔV to a 14 kg, 6U CubeSat.

ExoTerra’s solar arrays generate 250 W (BOL), nearly 3x the state of the art for CubeSat power systems – enabling high-power applications previously out of the reach of CubeSats.

The standard design can be reconfigured to suit smallsats of similar or larger size. Larger propellant tanks can be used to increase ΔV if additional volume is available.

For information on the Solar Arrays, please see our Deployable Solar Array Page