ExoTerra is focused on developing SEP microsatellites and components. The core of our system is a low-cost, micro Hall Effect Thruster. The thruster fits within 1/2U, and can enable up to 1 km/s of dV for a 6U CubeSat. This enables orbit raising, maintenance, inclination change or even interplanetary orbit insertion. We power the thruster with a pair of 150 W solar arrays. These arrays sport a specific power of 140 W/kg. The components can be combined into a full SEP Module for a complete power and propulsion solution, including power distribution and propellant management.

ExoTerra also offers complete microsatellite solutions. Our EPIC Bus can be provided in both 6U and 12 U formats. For larger payload needs, our SolRider vehicle is an ESPA class system with up to 10 km/s of dV.

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