A Driving Force in Satellites

About ExoTerra


ExoTerra designs and builds high-capability power and propulsion components, subsystems, and fully-integrated buses for CubeSats and small satellites.


Propulsion Products

ExoTerra offers components and subsystems for high-capability CubeSat propulsion, ranging from our small pulsed-plasma thrusters (PPTs) to our Halo Hall-effect thruster. Halo Micro Hall Effect Thruster Halo is a miniaturized centerline-cathode Hall-effect thruster designed to bring high-performance, high-delta-V, launch-vehicle-compliant propulsion to CubeSats. Using magnetic fields to focus and accelerate a plasma to generate thrust, Halo […]

Power Products

ExoTerra offers high-performance CubeSat solar arrays and power processing components for generating and delivering unprecedent amounts of electrical power in a CubeSat form factor. Deployable Solar Array Designed to meet the power needs of our Halo Hall-effect thruster, ExoTerra’s fold-out flexible solar arrays are the largest and highest specific power solar arrays available for CubeSats. […]

Spacecraft Modules

Propulsion Module ExoTerra’s propulsion module provides an all-in-one iodine propulsion system. The module includes a thruster, thrust vector controller, iodine storage and distribution system, and power processing unit. A reference unit is shown. However, the form factor can be tailored to meet mission specific configuration requirements. The power processing unit provides controls for all thruster, […]


An Areostationary CubeSat Mission to Monitor the Weather on Mars

ExoTerra and the Space Science Institute were selected by NASA to study the use of a CubeSat to observe Dust Storms on Mars. The award is part of NASA’s Deep Space Small Satellite program to investigate the use of small satellites in space exploration to reduce mission cost. The mission uses ExoTerra’s Solar Electric Propulsion […]

ExoTerra Develops Radiation Tolerant CubeSat Power Distribution System

ExoTerra selected by NASA to develop a radiation tolerant Cubesat power distribution system as part of the NASA SBIR program. During the Phase I award, ExoTerra will develop a CubeSat power distribution card with improved radiation tolerance for longer lifetime or deep space applications. Click for NASA SBIR Abstract. Click for NASA Press Release.