ExoTerra offers components and subsystems for high-capability CubeSat propulsion, ranging from our small pulsed-plasma thrusters (PPTs) to our Halo Hall-effect thruster. Halo Micro Hall Effect Thruster Halo is a miniaturized centerline-cathode Hall-effect thruster designed to bring high-performance, high-delta-V, launch-vehicle-compliant propulsion to CubeSats. Using magnetic fields to focus and accelerate a plasma to generate thrust, Halo […]

ExoTerra offers high-performance CubeSat solar arrays and power processing components for generating and delivering unprecedent amounts of electrical power in a CubeSat form factor. Deployable Solar Array Designed to meet the power needs of our Halo Hall-effect thruster, ExoTerra’s fold-out flexible solar arrays are the largest and highest specific power solar arrays available for CubeSats. […]