Courier 8U SEP Module

ExoTerra’s Courier offers an end to end power & propulsion solution for Cubesats capable of delivering >1200 m/s dV and 300 W to a 12U spacecraft.

• Customer Volume: >4U
• Customer Mass: 3-8 kg
• Customer Power: 75W
• Courier Dry Mass: 12.8 kg
• Propellant Capacity: 2.1 kg
• BOL Power: 296 W
• ISP Range: 660-1080 s
• Thrust Range: 5-9 mN
• Radiation Tol: 100 kRad
• Propellant: Xenon

This SEP system can be adopted to provide propulsion and power for spacecraft up to ESPA class. 1Kw and 10+km/s Delta V can be accommodated within this design.
Details Below:

ExoTerra Data Sheet – 8U SEP Module – REV 1