ExoTerra offers end-to-end power and propulsion systems based on our Halo Hall-effect thruster and deployable solar arrays, as well as fully-integrated and payload-ready 6U and 12U CubeSat bus designs built around these systems.

Propulsion Module

ExoTerra’s propulsion module is an all-in-one iodine propulsion system. The module includes a Halo thruster, thrust vector controller, iodine storage and distribution system, and power processing unit. The system configuration (including propellant volume) can be tailored to meet mission specific mission requirements. The power processing unit handles not just power for the Halo thruster but all thruster, TVC, and propellant distribution system operations.

Halo propulsion system in a representative 12U configuration

SEP Module

ExoTerra’s SEP module is a full spacecraft bus in 6U or 12U built around our propulsion module. To the propulsion system it adds a lightweight chassis, 2 deployable solar arrays on a single-axis continuous-rotation gimbal, battery and associated battery management electronics, and a power distribution card.

The typical 6U configuration shown below has up to 2.5 U volume available for customer-specific operations and payload components, and can be augmented with deployable radiators and enhanced power storage. The full payload-ready version of the SEP module includes all components required for a complete spacecraft, covering guidance and navigation, attitude control, and command and data handling, with approximately 1U reserved for payloads (actual volume depending on customer-selected spacecraft options).

ExoTerra’s SEP module is an integrated spacecraft bus built around our fold-out solar arrays and Halo Hall Effect Thruster


Please contact ExoTerra for details on our spacecraft modules and how we might tailor them to your specific mission needs.