ExoTerra’s revolutionary Halo Hall-Effect Thruster allows CubeSats to escape their rideshare drop-off orbits to reach optimal orbits, maintain them, and deorbit on command. Halo meets the tight mass, volume, and thermal constraints of CubeSats and other rideshare spacecraft, and its high Isp and total impulse expand the mission potential of CubeSats by enabling them to attain and maintain targeted orbits for the first time. With Halo, CubeSats can perform better science, extend their useful lifetime, operate together in structured constellations, and even conduct low cost lunar and interplanetary missions.

Halo’s demonstrated thrust range of 4 to 33 mN decreases total transfer time over ion engine alternatives. Specific impulse correspondingly ranges from 750s to 1500s, allowing Halo to produce greater ΔV from a given propellant volume than other options. This high thrust and high efficiency fits into a compact space. Halo weighs a mere 0.67 kg and fits within a 76 mm diameter by 50 mm long envelope (excluding mission-unique gas fittings). This is half the mass of competing Hall Thrusters. Adding to operational flexibility, Halo can use Xenon or Krypton as a propellant.