ExoTerra’s Fold-Out Solar Arrays (FOSA) are a complete subsystem for CubeSats and Microsatellites. The standard two wing configuration for CubeSats generates up to 300 W of power (BOL) at 150 V, and includes the composite deployment booms, retention and release mechanisms, and lightweight compact array blankets. With high specific power and stowed power density, our Solar Arrays radically improve power capability for spacecraft with tight mass and volume constraints. The solar arrays can triple the amount of power available to a 6U bus through conventional array designs, power that can be used for electric propulsion, advanced payloads, and high-bandwidth telecommunications.

Power Processing Cards:

ExoTerra specializes in high efficiency, radiation tolerant power processing units. We offer both PPUs for control of the Halo thruster, and complete power distribution systems for Cubesats. Our PPU comes in both 30 kRad and 100 kRad variants. ExoTerra’s Power Processing Units for Halo range from 92-98% efficiency depending on the version selected and operating point. Card mass ranges from .45 to .65 kg. ExoTerra is also developing a 100 kRad power distribution unit. The unit regulates the battery and provides up to 24 switches at 3.3, 5, 12 and 24 V. This card works with ExoTerra’s Fold Out Solar Arrays and PPU to provide a complete power system for solar electric propulsion CubeSats.